Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smarties Secret!

Why have I not read about the amazing properties of Smarties?!  I tried Ginger candy to alleviate my nausea and it worked for a bit but the other night I stumbled across Mega Smarties at Cracker Barrel, which are HUGE versions of the original sweet/tangy treat.   They're about nickle sized and one or two kicks my nausea in the butt!

I bought the smaller ones at the grocery store the other night and while they're still tasty, they just aren't the same.  I'll be stopping by our local Cracker Barrel to stock up.  For those not in the know, Cracker Barrel has all of the great nostalgic candy you remember from your childhood, including the U.S. Version of Smarties.  Did you know the European version is manufactured by Nestle, is chocolate covered and has nothing to do with my sweet/tangy morning sickness cure?  They look tasty though! I might have to work my overseas connections.  :)

Turnip Truck

B's mom (my MIL) talked to me via IM the other night, asking how I was doing.  I told her "well, I'm ok - sometimes I'm really queasy but I know a lot of women have it a lot worse so I'm lucky.  As long as I eat every few hours it seems to keep the queasiness to a minimum."

Her response was "Well you can always call me you  know.  Some things never change and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck."

I still giggle everytime I think about it.

Hip to be round

So I think my goal is to be a  hip mamma.  Not like a "I'm my child's best friend" mom but a tattood pregnant lady who goes to concerts occassionally but still knows how to make pasta from scratch.

That's a nice idea.  I guess everyone has an idea of who they are in their heads.  It's kind of funny.

I went shopping yesterday because my fat jeans are getting a bit too snug.  I'm not a thin woman by any means.  I'm also not overly obese, but I'm definitely chunky.  You know how we all worry about our muffin tops?  Well, my muffin top has exploded over the past few weeks into a definite.... well, muffin top.  Except I'm trying to embrace the fact that part of it is baby related.  So I went to Motherhood Maternity & bought a decent number of clothes for a really good price.  I got 2 sweaters, 5 tops & 2 pairs of pants.  It's very hard to not feel like a fat lady in pregnant clothes, but I'm working on that.  I'm 9 weeks and gosh should I be pooched out this much?  The scale doesn't reflect anything but I'm guessing that my organs are all being moved around... it's very odd.

It's also very odd to not have a waist band for the pants.  I'm used to pulling my pants up via my belt loops.  The most important lesson I learned yesterday?  When you're pregnant say goodbye to belt loops & zippers.

Caught myself in the mirror at work today and I think I did ok this morning with my clothing selection.  As a modern short chunky woman showing my tummy will take some serious getting used to.